Swimming Game – Pool Noodle Surfing

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How to Play Pool Noodle Surfing: A Fun and Easy Swimming Game for Kids


Pool noodle surfing is a simple and fun swimming game that can be played by kids of all ages and swimming abilities, as long as they can hold on to the noodle and float on their stomachs.

What skill does the game work on?

Pool noodle surfing can help kids develop their swimming skills, such as body position, propulsion, breathing, and balance. It can also stimulate their creativity and imagination, as they pretend to be surfers on a tropical beach.

How do you play the game?

The goal of pool noodle surfing is to pretend that you are riding a wave on a surfboard, using the pool noodle as your board. You can make it more fun and challenging by adding different movements, obstacles, or tricks.

Here are some ideas on how to play pool noodle surfing:

  • Start by having each kid grab a pool noodle and place it under their chest, holding it with both hands. Make sure they have enough space around them to move freely.
  • Have them kick their legs and move their arms to propel themselves forward on the noodle, like they are surfing on a wave. You can play some surf music or make some wave sounds to set the mood.
  • To make it more interesting, you can add some variations, such as:
  • Changing the direction or speed of the movement
  • Having them switch hands or let go of one hand
  • Having them lift one leg or both legs off the water
  • Having them balance on their knees or stand up on the noodle
  • Having them spin, jump, or flip on the noodle
  • You can also set up some obstacles or challenges for them to navigate through, such as:
  • Placing some floating toys or balls in the water for them to avoid or collect
  • Having them pass under a rope or a hoop
  • Having them race against each other or against the clock
  • Having them perform a trick or a pose on the noodle

So grab your pool noodles and get ready to catch some waves!






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