SIP 075: Swim team tryout script

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Ok. The first thing is to get in the water.


The second thing to do is to touch the bottom with your hand.


Easy? Easy peezy?


Now we’re going to swim front crawl or freestyle with side breathing from here to there. (one length).


Well done. Can you touch the bottom, here?


Where did you learn how to swim?


Ok. Now we’re going to do back stroke all the way back. When you get to the other end I’ll go like this it means stop. Ready? Okay go.


Well done. Do you know how to do breaststroke kick? (demo) ok. Do whatever you know to me (1/3 of the way) stop when you get to me.


Ok. Turn around, now we’re going to do butterfly kick. Stand with your hands at your side, and put your face in the water and wiggle like a dolphin.


Well done, hop out, lets get out of the water, we’re all done. You did very well. Let’s go talk to your parents.


How and when do we do tryouts?

We allow tryouts on a rolling basis on our club. You can tryout for the developmental team at any point in the year. I schedule rolling dates and times for people to fill a tryout slot using the Online Lesson Management program you can get for $9.99.






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