SIP 042: Revisiting Streamline

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Swimming Ideas Podcast 042: Revisiting Streamline

What are the 3 things to streamline?

  • Lock thumb
  • Look down
  • Squeeze ears

streamline on deck demonstrating to group













What common problems do these commands/goals/specific words correct:

  • Head lifted and looking forward
  • Arms not tight against head
  • Hands wavering
  • Body not straight
  • Hands at 11
  • Arms bent and slow
  • The “fake” streamline
  • Short streamlines
  • The bad crawl position

By doing all 3 things, it addresses almost every single bad habit in streamlines.

Why do we do it at all? Why do we do it with beginners?

Streamline is the most efficient and best way to move through the water. Every stroke moves from streamline into movement. It is the easiest horizontal motion we can do. It is the starting point. The base.

With beginners we are less strict with the 3 goals, and they can do it on the surface. We still enforce the looking down. We encourage the squeezed ears, and the locked thumb..

As we progress through levels we initiate the streamline deeper underwater and require longer distance traveled underwater in streamline.

Can we make this script better?

We’ve tried! Can you think of 3 simple commands that will address the majority of issues in streamline?






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