Swimming Game – Slalom

We play this game with the middle groups of our swim team.

Have at least 7 people in each lane.

Have 6 people stand on the middle line down the middle of the lane (on the bottom of the pool)

1 swimmer will push off the wall, and then slalom around the standing swimmers. They must weave back and forth between people until they reach the other end of the pool.

If you have enough people do have 2 lanes, then the swimmers can race each other.

Once the swimmer has completed the slalom, all swimmers should shift forward one space, and then the next person can slalom.


We generally only play this game when doing FLY kick on your side. The goal is the periodically exaggerate the fly kick motion with the hips while on the side. Swimmers are DQ’d for going on their back or stomachs. We encourage them to “Swim like a shark.”

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