Swimming Game – True or False

We play this game at the end of our swim team practices. Typically we go to the diving well (if we have one).

The game is True or False, and there are two ways to play:

1) Swimmers stand on the side with their toes curled over the edge. If the coach says something true, then the swimmers need to jump in, and the last to jump in is “out” until there is a winner.

If the coach says something False, then the swimmers do not jump in. If someone does jump in, they are out until there is a winner.

The winner is the final person still in.

Every round there will be at least 1 person out. If there is a true statement, and some jump in and some do not, then the only those that did not jump in are out as technically they would have been “last.”


2) Swimmers line up on the wall IN the water. When the coach says something true, swimmers have to swim to the other side of the diving well. The last person to touch the wall is out, or if you do not swim, and it was true, the swimmer is out.

If a swimmer lets go of the wall completely and comes back, it is considered a “true” guess, and if the coach said something false, then the swimmer is out.


When we play this game, we focus on swimming related topics, though the questions can range in anything you deem appropriate. Here are some examples:

“This is a 50 meter pool.”

“This is a 50 yard pool (false)”

“In the 100 yard IM there are 3 flip turns (false).”

“The order of a 100 IM is Fly, Back, Breast, Freemile”  (false freemile /= Freestyle)

“There is 1 flip turn in a 50 meter freestyle, long course. (False).”

“You should always streamline first in any stroke.”


Have you played this game? or a version of it?






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