Head up technically wrong

Swim Drill – Freestyle – Position 11

This drill is excellent for swimming lessons, swim teams, adult lessons, or child swim lessons. It focuses on long over the water hand entry, early catch, body posture and body balance.

Updated: 3/24/17 Video of position 11

Freestyle Drill: Position 11

Swimmer Kicking face down in Position 11
Swimmer Kicking face down in Position 11
  • Start from streamline
  • Hands should separate from streamline to directly above the shoulders (the arms become 11’s because they’re straight and directly above the body).
  • Kick freestyle with arms extended straight
  • hands should remain on the surface
  • hips should stay near surface
  • Head should be pointed to the bottom
  • Breath looking up, and quickly look back down to regain balance on surface
  • Kick through the breath.

PROTIP!! Watch out for swimmers looking forward. This will make them sink and do the drill slightly underwater, cause a bend in their bodies, and ruin the balance of the drill.

PROTIP!! Reinforce 2 key parts 1) Look down with whole face!  2) Kick the whole time.

Head up technically wrong
Position 11 with head up.






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